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Which bit should be removed?

I got a phone call last week from a potential client who asked if we supplied a smaller version of the Australian Records Retention Manual (ARRM).  I explained that if they were a small business (say a one-man-band or just a little bigger) they could consider purchasing F is for Filing.  I explained that it wouldn’t provide the detail of the ARRM; that all it would do was provide a guideline of the categories of information that an organisation was likely to have to manage and how long they may have to keep those records.

  The caller explained that they were only small 140 employees (Everything is relative) and intended to keep everything electronically so paper records were not important to them.  I tried to explain that format was not an issue, whether the information was electronic or paper it still had to be managed to meet both operational and compliance requirements.  As the conversation progressed I grasped that the enquirer believed that a publication such as the ARRM should be available not as a one size fits all but on a sliding scale for the various sizes of business.

 My only question to this logic is what should we remove to make it fit your requirements and budget?