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Time to revisit Knowledge Management

Here at Information Enterprises Australia (IEA) we have been pondering the problem of tighter budgets, reduced resources and the ever tempting approach to try to solve every problem with technology.  We wondered how could we and others work smarter not harder with limited resources and existing technologies.  We went back to an old concept that got a bad wrap some 10 or so years ago.  Knowledge Management.  The concepts were all about sharing information, not necessarily with the use of technology but some how it got hijacked by technology and suddenly seemed to no longer be a popular concept.  Well, we are now up to the third generationof knowldege management and it just might be what is needed in the current economic climate.  IEA is hosting a Knowledge Management Roundtable on 12th March 2015 In Perth.  You might like to think about how KM could help you and your organisation use information more effectively /iea-courses/knowledge-management-roundtable