Insights from practitioners in Information Management

Information Matters

The National Archives of Australia have put together a great collection of  Youtube Videos .  There are some playlists of videos on WW1, immigration and Post WW2 immigration.  There are also videos about managing information aimed at Federal Government employees.  I particularly liked this one on Information Matters   which is relevant to anyone working in […]

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A quote that I think is so important.  In a time when records and information managers tend to use the big stick of compliance to get users to cooperate I think this should be taken on board. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world Nelson Mandela

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Digital Preservation is important

As organisations continue to create large volumes of digital data and digital records then they need to consider the long term presevation of them.  The Open Presevation Foundation …sustains technology and knowledge for the long-term management of digital cultural heritage…  There is some very valuable information available from the website and links to open-source software that […]

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