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Issue 24 – Questions, questions

It was brought to our attention recently that we do not actually mention who puts IEA’s newsletters together.  Whilst some of you may know, or have guessed, I thought I would take a brief opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Lorraine Bradshaw and I am the marketing and training coordinator here at Information Enterprises.  If you would like to know a little bit more about me, my complete bio can be found on IEA’s web site –, along with those of my colleagues here in Fremantle.

Believe it or not, but this edition of the newsletter brings to a close the second year of publication of the registrant resources newsletter.  We have covered quite a diverse range of topics since the very first newsletter was issued, and have re-produced the index for you here. If you would like to receive any of the previous editions, please do not hesitate to let me know.

You may be wondering why I have reproduced the index for you; well the reason is quite a simple one. Are we giving you what you want to see? Are there other topics you would like to see us cover? Are we on the ball or have we missed the goal posts by a mile?

I know we have always asked you for feedback and for topics that you want to see, but this time we want to hear the good, the bad and the downright ugly. If you could take a few minutes and let us know your views, they would be most appreciated.

Many thanks

In this Issue we will be looking at:
• The newsletter archive;
• The Questions
• A Thought to ponder.

The Newsletter Archive
Issue 1 – September 2002 – Communication
Issue 2 – October 2002 – Financial Matters
Issue 3 – November 2002 – Professional Code of Conduct
Issue 4 – December 2002 – Dealing with Stress
Issue 5 – January 2003 – Information, Education and Awareness – Induction Program
Issue 6 – February 2003 – CPD
Issue 7 – March 2003 – OhnS
Issue 8 – April 2003 – Dealing with Difficult Behaviour
Issue 9 – May 2003 – Customer service
Issue 10 – June 2003 – Workplace Etiquette – Presenteeism
Issue 11 – July 2003 – Workplace Etiquette 2
Issue 12 – August 2003 – Minimum Conditions of Employment
Issue 13 – September 2003 – Marketing of Library and Information Services
Issue 14 – October 2003 – FAQ’s
Issue 15 – November 2003 – Personal Development
Issue 16 – December 2003 – Drugs and Alcohol Policies
Issue 17 – January 2004 – Goal Setting
Issue 18 – February 2004 – CV or Resume
Issue 19 – March 2004 – Covering Letters
Issue 20 – April 2004 – Answering Selection Criteria
Issue 21 – May 2004 – Interview Preparation
Issue 22 – June 2004 -Public Speaking
Issue 23 – July 2004 – Networking
Issue 24 – August 2004 – Questions and Feedback

The Questions:

Which newsletter did you enjoy reading the most?
What did you like about it?
Which newsletter did you enjoy the least?
What didn’t you like about it?
Do we give you enough detail or too much?
Do you like the format?
Would you prefer more than one subject in each newsletter? Or do you like the one newsletter, one subject format?
Would you like us to take another look at any of the topics we’ve covered to date?
Do you prefer, Human Resources Issues, Problems facing the records management and library industries;
Do you want to hear real-life stories, for instance – how one of our own got the job of their dreams?
Would anyone like to contribute?

There are no prizes for the best answers, or the person who sends it back the first.  In fact there are no prizes at all. But your comments and answers to these and any other points are most welcome.

Emails can be sent to or mailed to Lorraine Bradshaw, Unit 4, Upper Level, 201 High Street, Fremantle WA 6160

A Thought to Ponder:
“Experience enables you to recognise a mistake when you make it again”
Franklin P Jones