Insights from practitioners in Information Management

Issue 109 – Starting afresh

Apologies for the lack of news updates this year but after writing these newsletters for over 5 years I do find it a little difficult to find a topic that hasn’t been covered before.

That said, a little bit of homework for you as you wind down for the Christmas and New Year period.

What would you like to see us cover in these newsletters in the new year?

No topic is silly; no topic is unworthy of a good discussion. With closures of libraries and information management centres around the world gathering pace I fear that we are losing too many valuable resources to budget cuts and a lack of appreciation for what we do. And of course it’s not just libraries and information management centres. We have, over the course of this year heard of many organisations culling its ranks of personnel – FMG is a prime example. Losing a good proportion of its staff to redundancies yet expecting those who remained to take on extra duties. And of course FMG wasn’t the only organisation this happened to.

But where does that leave you?

Well we have welcomed back several of our “old” and dear ex-colleagues this year as a result. Thankfully we have also managed to place them in new and exciting positions that have serendipitously appeared. Of course, we can’t help everyone – nor can we ever expect to, especially those of you with specialised skills, abilities and needs – but we do our very best. So if you do find yourself wondering where to turn in the New Year, remember we are here, and we will try and help you to the best of our abilities and of course to meet our wonderful clients needs.

Of course the downturn hasn’t affected everyone (thank goodness) so if you have been looking at projects you would like extra hands to help with – well there will be some very happy people only willing to help you out. Just call Rachel in the New Year J
Just a final word, our offices will be closing at lunch time today but we will be back for the start of the New Year on the 2nd January.

With that said

We hope you have a wonderful, safe and peaceful Christmas and New Year

Best wishes

Shirley, Gail, Rachel, Janine and Lorraine