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Coaching and Support

Coaching for team leaders, team members and those new to Information Management

You have a bookkeeper, an accountant, a lawyer and help with human resources, but what about someone who can help you with information management?

You may have started small, but as you grew, so did the number of people you came into contact with. That’s a good thing. More people usually means more business. But there usually comes a time in a small businesses life where paper (or their electronic equivalent) starts to take over. You can’t find things as easily as you could; duplication of work is “normal” and everyone has their own silos of information.

Of course it’s not just small business that have this kind of problem, large businesses suffer from information overwhelm as well, just on a much bigger scale. AND it usually takes them a LOT longer to sort out their information management problems once they realise they have them.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, but don’t know where to start, perhaps we can help you. We will give you 1 hour of free consultation where we can provide you with a snapshot of the kinds of management tools and processes that are available to help you move forwards.

If you would like to take our services a little further you can purchase our IM Support Service in blocks of 10, 20 or 30 hours (or as many as you think you will need during the course of a 12 month period) and we will help guide you to the next level of information management – suitable for you and your organisation.

Our IM Support Service provides access to IEA’s senior information management consultants via onsite, telephone and email.  The aim of this service is to allow clients the opportunity to seek advice and guidance regarding their information management systems, processes and procedures.

This service is also widely recommended for mentoring and coaching of information management professionals who are taking on additional responsibilities and would like assistance as they transition into their new role. It is also used by our clients when they are on-boarding new staff in the information management area who are new to the industry, processes or best practice information management methods.

The information management support service is calculated on a 12 month contract and can be purchased in blocks of 10, 20 or 30 hours, with onsite contact being allocated as a minimum of 4 hours. For more information please call 08 9335 2533 or email