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Helping Australian Businesses Achieve Compliance

ARRM Online is an essential resource for:

  • Business Leaders: Company Directors, CEOs, CIOs, General Managers, Auditors, Finance Managers, Office Managers, Company Secretaries, Legal Counsel
  • Information Management Practitioners: Information Managers, Records Managers Heads of Legal, Law Firms and Solicitors

Did you know that there are thousands of acts and regulations which have implications for the way your records must be managed – what needs to be kept, how long to keep them, in what form to keep them and who is responsible for keeping them?

You need to be well aware of those pieces of legislation that impact on your business and its information.  Why? Because you need to minimise your exposure to the risks of non-compliance, financial loss and damage to your brand and reputation.

Keeping track of these changes is a difficult and time consuming and failure to comply could result in a potentially expensive legal process. 

The cost of non-compliance is staggering, yet organisations can reduce costs and mitigate risk by using the ARRM Online. When applied to your business it minimises risks, reduces cost and supports excellence and quality frameworks.

The ARRM Online – the only application of its kind in the world – gives you all of this critical business information at your fingertips and with fast search options.

ARRM Online includes:

  • Acts and regulations, from all Australian jurisdictions, related to information management
  • Updates to existing acts and regulations
  • In depth interpretations of each act and regulation allowing you to determine which records you need to keep, the length of time you need to keep them for and the penalty for not doing so
  • Information on making records retention easier, more reliable and cost-effective
  • Constant updates (minimum quarterly)

Facts and Figures:

  • The ARRM Online has over 1700 legislative entries
  • Each month more than 500 acts and regulations are reviewed to determine the impact on information and record keeping compliance
  • At least 30 hours per month is spent reviewing legislation and updating ARRM Online
  • Has subscribers in all Australian states and territories, the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • The final print edition of the Australian Record Retention Manual was published in February 2016
  • ARRM Online launched April 2017
  • The ARRM has helped organisations across the globe manage their information governance and risk management for over 30 years

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