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ARRM Online Updates Retention Schedules

In trying to simplify the schedules the columns for retention periods have been reduced from three to two.  The retention period columns now show only a column for the Disposal Action (e.g. Destroy or Permanent Archive) and one for the Retention Period and Disposal Trigger Event (e.g. 7 years after the completion of the calendar year in which the record was created).   This is more appropriate for the current environment of electronic records and allows organisations to determine how they will manage the storage of records through the total retention period.  Some may choose to allow the records to remain active and instantly accessible throughout the total retention period, whilst others may choose to transfer records to an inactive storage medium resulting in delays in accessing the records.

The Financial Schedules have now been merged into one Schedule, which also includes Purchasing

New Schedules of Governance and Business Growth and Innovation have been established taking in all or aspects of the Corporate & Secretarial, Manufacturing, Product Development as well as Scientific and Technical Schedules.  If you haven’t renewed your subscription or want to initiate a subscription have a look here ARRM Online