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Information Management Tools

Determining gaps in skills, knowledge and the information management culture

The technological advances being made are changing the way we look at and structure our business information. We can assist in the development of:

  • Information and Knowledge Management Strategies 
  • Business Cases 
  • Information Governance Plans
  • Maturity Models
  • Policy and procedure manuals 
  • Recordkeeping plans 
  • Business information disaster recovery and contingency planning 
  • Business classification schemes and taxonomies 
  • Retention and disposal schedules 
  • Vital records and business continuity plans.


Information and Knowledge Management Services

The provision of information and knowledge management consulting services is one of the core business solutions offered by IEA. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic Planning for information and knowledge management and use 
  • Development of policies, procedures and guidelines for information and knowledge management 
  • Building information management models 
  • Assessment of information usage and management 
  • Management of information and knowledge to improve use and business outcomes 
  • Management of information to comply with legislative and compliance requirements.

We can:

  • Develop performance management systems and associated indicators 
  • Research and analysis of trends and developments in library practice technology and service delivery 
  • Provide a review and analysis of library management systems 
  • Provide reviews of structures, processes and service delivery 
  • Strategic and business planning for new and existing services         
  • Provide legislative research for information governance.

We can also provide implementation strategies for compliant information management systems. These may include:

  • Work process designs 
  • Determining retention periods and appraising records for long term retention 
  • Documenting policies, procedure and process 
  • Setting standards and measuring compliance and performance against them 
  • Training records practitioners and other personnel.